[LAUNCH!] GAKKEN Acclerator Program 2016

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GAKKEN Accelerator Program 2016

Dear Entrepreneurs and Innovative companies,

Today, we introduce GAKKEN Accelerator Program 2016 to global-wide innovators.
Through the previous term of GAKKEN Accelerator (2015), we set the theme as "education" and 5 start-ups were born. All of them are still co-creating innovative values with Gakken group.

And at this term, GAKKEN Accelerator Program 2016 (GAP2016), we expand the theme to "publishing/media","books/magazines","informational contents" and "education".
We're welcome global innovators and entrepreneurs to apply the accelerator program. Apply the accelerator, win the contest, join the program, and make them as a springboard to your bright future!


[ Program ]
GAKKEN Accelerator Program 2016 is a corporate accelerator program of Gakken HD Groupe, powered by 01Booster.

All applicants are going to be screened by the process following;
  1st. round: documentary elimination
  2nd. round: Interview (offline or via a Skype)
   * If applicants pass the 2nd round, he/she will be one of the finalists.
  3rd. round: business plan pitch event (December 11th 2015)
   * All the finalists have to be participate in and do pitch on this event.
   * 5 teams or more are going to be chosen as winners at the event.
And winners of the pitch event are going to join approximately 4 months of the GAKKEN Accelerator Program as have their prize money.


accelerator scheme


[ Gakken Group ]
Gakken Groupe is a education and media company in Japan.It has over 60 years history in this domein, and also have very strong brands.
Gakken Groupe's business domains are "Publishing", "Education","Welfare" and "Stationery".


[ Application] 

You can apply your application documents from the URL below;



[ Application Format ]
Please check out GAP2016 site or DL the "Guide Book" and "Application Form".

GAP2016 Application Form(EN)
GAP2016 Guide Book(EN)


[ Any questions? ]
Please feel free to contact to "info@01booster.com" for asking some questions and concerns about apply or join to the GAP2016.

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